Shea Moisture Hair Color System

Shea Moisture is a line of products used by many natural haired women.  It’s economical, and works well.  There’s shampoo, conditioner, deep-conditioner, and a styling product.   What’s really great about the line is that it’s products contain natural ingredients.  I used this line in the last three years, but stopped when my hair wasn’t responding to it.  As recently as last year, I tried using the Deep Treatment Masque, but my hair didn’t like it.

The newest product in the Shea Moisture Line is its Hair Color System.  This is a permanent hair color without ammonia or peroxide.  The natural hair community has received this product warmly, but there are many, like me, who are a little hesitant to try it.   The cost of one box – one application – is $14.99, and can be found in over 400 Target stores in America.  Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased online.

So why am I hesitant to try this product?  The biggest reason is that I am a henna head.  I have been for over 4 years.  According to the directions inside the box, you cannot use the Hair Color System on hair that has henna on it. However, a representative from Shea Moisture had this to say about the product on their Facebook page – “While our SheaMoisture Hair Care Color System is technically safe to use over hair that has been colored with henna, sharing that henna coats the hair strands and can prevent any hair color system from penetrating the hair shaft and processing properly. It is possible that your color may not process, or the results may be splotchy or patchy when coloring over henna. We recommend doing a patch test on a small area of the underside of your hair to gauge results before coloring you entire hair, although these results on such a small area may still not be an indicator that hair color will take consistently all over your head”. 

So, I purchased a bottle of the Shea Moisture Hair Color System in Dark Auburn.  I haven’t conducted the patch test yet, but I will this week.  Yes, $14.99 is a bit much to spend on one color application, but I pay twice this for my henna (product plus shipping and handling).   I’m hoping that the results are positive, and if so, I may be hanging up my henna stained gloves.


4 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Hair Color System

  1. Thanks for the follow up on Shea Moisture’s Color System. I found this review on YouTube and it was very helpful maybe you can check it out as well.

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